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Steamplates Products

Castings for Steam applications

As we progress with pattern making, useful castings will be made available to Model Engineers.

Curly Spoke Narrow Gauge Wheels

These are our Cast Iron Curly Spoke Wheels

The Castings have been specially designed to have plenty of 'meat' on them.

Both the diameter and profile width are generous. The wheels were designed to be finished anywhere between 5" and 6" overall OD, depending on choice.

The thickness of the casting allows for the heaviest Narrow Gauge profile, although it can be reduced as much as you wish. The wheel standards of the 7.25" Society and any other are easily achiveable with our castings.

The 1/2" recess seen from the back.

Raw, unmachined dimensions;

Outside diameter of flange measured from the back 6.625" ( 6 5/8" )

Outside diameter of tread measured from the front 5.750" ( 5 3/4" )

Overall thickness measured from back of flange to front of tread 1.250" ( 1. 1/4")

Depth of rear recess 0.5" ( 1/2" )

Centre boss outside diameter 1.250" ( 1. 1/4")

Centre boss outside depth or width 0.750" ( 3/4" )


As of 1st March 2012 the price of these castings (subject to change at any time due to metal prices) are;

25.00 Each


90.00 for 4.

Collection welcomed, subject to stock.

Post or Courier by arrangment, but do remember they are heavy!